Crocker Art Museum

Inside the Gallery
Photo by: glenngould, Creative Commons

Art is the main subject at the Crocker Art Museum. However, the museum isn’t just home to a number of famous paintings. Visitors can find examples of furniture which date back to the Victorian era and ceramics from different corners of the globe. The museum also hosts a number of art classes during the summer, which help locals – and tourists – help get in touch with their inner artist.

Some of the other events hosted by the museum are art auctions, concerts, the Crocker Ball, exhibits by local students, and field trips. The Crocker Ball is a fundraising event, while concerts are usually held every first and third Thursday night of the month. Classical and jazz music are the highlight of these concerts. Artistic students can showcase their works or learn more about the different forms of art.

The Art Museum has been recognized by the prestigious American Association of Museums. This has been given to only 750 museums in the United States (there are about 16,000 in the United States to date). There are about 15 exhibits in the museum, some of which are changed after a few weeks. Artworks from California, Europe, Asia, and other cities in America are part of the museum’s permanent collection. Unique keepsakes and other gift items can be bought at the museum store.

The locals can be part of the Museum by becoming an intern, a volunteer, or a sponsor. There are a limited number of slots for the internship every year, and college juniors, seniors, and even doctoral and graduate students are all encouraged to apply. Museum volunteers serve as the museum guides, who take visitors on a tour of the museum and give them bits of information about every artwork seen in the building.

The museum is located in downtown Sacramento and can be reached using either public or private transportation.

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