Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels 400
Cu Chi Tunnels
Photo by: joergreschke, Creative Commons

The Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam will definitely leave you breathless with amazement. The rich, yet atrocious history of these interconnected underground tunnels will educate you on how the Vietnamese created tunnels that spans more than two hundred kilometers with the use of simple shovels to dig the hard red earth.

What You Should Not Miss

Though it will not be possible to explore every tunnel in just one day, you can experience the feeling of being underground the Cu Chi tunnels through guided tours that usually last half a day. Most tourist packages include a guided tour in the Cu Chi tunnels so you won’t have any problems when booking one.

Underground, you should not miss the hospitals, the underground factories, and the underground villages that once housed both the civilians and the Viet Cong. You will surely feel the struggles and the challenges felt by the Vietnamese while living underground and while protecting themselves from the continuous bombings and the wars which broke out.

What You Should Keep in Mind

The Cu Chi Tunnels are two and a half hours away from Saigon when taking the bus. It is advised that you sit by the window and enjoy the landscapes and the view to kill boredom. From the Tan Son Nhat International Airport, there usually are private tour buses included in most tour packages that take you directly to the Cu Chi tunnels.

All throughout the year, the Cu Chi Tunnels are open; however, it is advised to take the tour during summertime which is from March to May so that you won’t experience any rainfalls.

Souvenir shops are abundant in Cu Chi where most locals sell unique items and delicacies, bringing Vietnamese Dong will make transactions easier since you will be transacting with the locals. Money changers are also available though you are only advised to trade for emergencies because of a lower exchange rate.

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