Cuenca City

Cuenca - Casa Colgadas 400
Casa Colgadas in Cuenca, Spain
Photo by: reinante, Creative Commons

Cuenca is the capital city of Cuenca Province, central Spain. The city covers an area of about 17,061 square kilometers and the population here is about 54,600. Cuenca features a number of monuments and rivers with clear waters. Cuenca is also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site for its monuments.

Main Monuments

Our Lady of Grace Cathedral
This cathedral was built in between 1182-1270. Built in gothic style and several structures were added to the cathedral over the centuries. The arch was built in the 16th century, the main altar was modified in the 18th century and in the year 1902 the front wall was rebuilt.

Saint Peter Church
It was rebuilt in the 18th century by Jose Martin de la Aldehuela. The exterior of the church looks octagonal and the interiors are bedecked.

Saint Michael Church
The church was built in the 13th century with a single courtyard. Also a second nave was added in the 15th century. The dome was added in the 16th century and the wooden ceilings for the outside were added in the 18th century. The church holds classical music concerts.

The Savior Church
It was built in the 18th century in a neogothic style. It features a courtyard, tower and it displays fine architecture of the 19th century.

Saint Paul Bridge
The bridge was built in between the years 1533-1589. The bridge was collapsed and the present structure was rebuilt in the year 1902 with steel, wood and it measures 60 meters high.

Bishop’s Palace
The Bishop’s Palace was designed by Gustavo Torner and Fernando Bajra Noguerol. The palace features three museums, paintings and silver works belonging to the 14th century.

Holy Heart of Jesus
It is one of the important monuments in the city dedicated to the Holy Heart of Jesus. It was built in the mid 20th century and from here the entire city can be viewed.

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