Cyrene Ancient City

Cyrene_Jebel Akhdar 400
Jebel Akhdar Uplands, site of Old Cyrene
Photo by: doctoroflaws, Creative Commons

Cyrene is an ancient Greek city founded in 630 BC by Battus I. It is present day Shahhat, Libya and it is also the important and oldest among the other five Greek cities of this region. The Cyrene city is also the home for Cyrenaics, a philosophy school founded by Aristippus around 3rd century BC.

Cyrene was founded in the year 630 and it became of the one of the major cities in ancient Libya. The city prospered during the reign of Emperor Battus IV and in 460 BC the city became a Republic.

Around 96 BC the Romans took control over the city and served as the main state for the Romans for about 18 years. The city also prospered for some years but in the year 115 AD a major part of the city was destroyed as a part of Jewish revolt. The city again prospered during the reign of Emperor Hadrian, but in the 365 AD an earthquake struck the city destroying temples and buildings.

Cyrene is referred to in the Bible in the New Testament referencing a man named Simon who was chosen to help carry the Cross of Jesus Christ. It is also referred in the book of 2 Maccabees where Jason, a Hellenistic Jew had resided here around 100 BC.

In the present days the Cyrene city is one of the major archaeological sites and also a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The famous ruins here are the Temple of Apollo built around 7th century BC, Sanctuary, Agora, House of Jason Magnus, Temple of Zeus, Stoa of Hermes and Nine Muses.

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  1. Hermenegilde Ntukamazina says:

    Please, try to take profit from the existence of the land the man of which (Simon) helped Jesus Christ to carry the cross. In return, this
    can help you (Libyans) to come near God, the LORD.
    I say this in the name of Jesus Christ.

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