Dalmatian Coast

Dalmatian Coast
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If you haven’t gone to the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia, you’re missing out on a lot of fun. This place is fast becoming a famous tourist destination in Europe. The great thing about Dalmatia is that you can choose to go on a trendy getaway, or you can choose to go to an isolated vacation spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Whichever vacation you choose, you are guaranteed to have a grand time.

What makes this coastal city special? Here is a list of some of the places to visit in Dalmatia, wherever you decide to visit, South, Central, or North – Dalmatia has many attractions:

Southern Dalmatia

1. The Baska Voda – This is a resort on the Southern Part of Dalmatia coastline known for its beautiful beaches and excellent climate. Many visitors find this place one of the best in Croatia.

2. Vis Island – This is one place with a lot of beaches that belong to the category: secluded vacation spot. Vis island is in a remote and outlying location, which makes it an ideal spot for tourists yearning to get away from the cares of work.

Central Dalmatia

1. Brac Island – If you’re heading to the Central District of Dalmatia, make sure not to miss beaches on Brac Island, which lies between the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea’s. Beaches with the likes of Supetar, Postira, Rata, and Bol.

2. The Vodice – This place was once a fishing haven. Today, it is one of the most visited destinations in Central Dalmatia.

Northern Dalmatia

1. Dugi Otok – This is one of the least developed land mass in the town of Dalmatia, perfect for those who prefer seclusion in order to wind down and relax.

2. Kornati Islands National Park – An archipelago off the Croatioan coast, going here would require you to have your own boat or a rental to transport you to the National Park. It is ideal for large groups, reunions, and excursions.

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