Mount Apo in Davao
Photo by: digypho’s, Creative Commons

There is a lot to love about the biggest city in the island of Mindanao. Davao is one of the busiest and most abundant cities of the Philippines. It is believed that it will be a top Asian city in the near future. Davao city has recently become the top tourist and business hub of the Southern Philippines. The city boasts crystal-clear beaches, diving spots, and mountain resorts. It also has the best vantage point of a captivating mountain in the Philippines, Mount Apo.

What sets Davao apart from any other cities in the country are its people, the environment, and culture. The city is ideal for tourism because the surrounding is safe and clean. The people of Davao are happy and hospitable. Here are a few tips to remember when you plan your visit to Davao:

• Davao City has the best water in the world and the World Health Organization certified so. International tests prove that the water needs no boiling or distilling to be of highest quality. Only Davao City has this kind of tap water.

• Davao city is the safest tourist destination because it has a low crime rate. They have one of the lowest in the world. The Peace and Order Council of the city was brought to the Hall of Fame for being the best in the Philippines.

• The city is free from typhoon due to its location. No typhoons reach the city because a large volcano blocks tidal waves and big hurricanes. With this, you are going to enjoy a favorable weather throughout the year.

• You will surely be entertained by Davao’s biggest celebration – the Kadayawan Festival. This is a thanksgiving celebration by the city for the gifts of nature, its rich culture, bountiful harvest, and tranquil living. It seeks to pay tribute to the heritage of the people of Davao.

• The Pearl Farm is a resort where you not only enjoy the beach but you have the opportunity to harvest raw pearls to commemorate your visit.

The city has at least many other tourist destinations to enjoy. Something is there to fit your desire, whether its outdoors, watersports, and simply enjoying the sights, there is so much to do in Davao. You are sure that your Davao getaway will be the safest vacation there is!

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