Deception Island

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Deception Island in Antarctica
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Mystery and adventure awaits you in Deception Island. Located in Antarctica, this island is one of the places most tourists love to visit. There are many things to do during your stay here and the first stop would be to say hello to the chinstrap penguins. They are such cute animals most especially when you see them burying themselves into the sand. They love both the water as well as land.

Tourists swear by the landscape view of the steaming beaches. But do you know the main reason why they are steaming? It is because it is within close proximity to an active volcano. Usually the water is indeed scalding but there are portions where the water has a mix of hot and cold just like what you have in the shower. What is great here is the presence of sulfur being emitted from the volcano. It has medicinal properties that cure skin ailments like Psoriasis.

Deception Island is indeed the destination to be since here you could very much commune with nature. The mystery is behind the geothermal activities that are happening within the city and the animals that freely roam there. There are whales too to further heighten your nature expedition!

Just make sure to know some mandatory guidelines when you visit Deception Island. They are many rules for tourists who tend to go on their own adventures and leave the group. Since there is an active volcano present, better check if there are any recent eruptions or even what kind of clothes or protection you need to wear should you take a dip in the water for you can suffer 3rd degree burns. Make sure not to bring home any plants no matter how pretty they are – it’s prohibited by the law.

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