Derry or Londonderry

The Guildhall in Derry
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Derry, also called Londonderry, is often thought of as a poor second place to Belfast. Lying on the River Foyle’s west bank, Derry is not exactly pretty. However, it has personality. The Maiden City, as it is sometimes called, is like a plain-looking young lady who does not get noticed until she utters something terribly wise. Quite behind when it comes to investments, Derry can at least boast of its rich history, its riverside location and the locals’ infectious optimism. You can feel a lot of the combination of culture and optimism while listening to music in pubs. Derry has a major role in the cultural revival of Northern Ireland.

What to Do in Derry

The night scene in Derry is very colorful. You can visit pubs to engage in the musical scene. You can have your pick from live music, DJ mixes and theater or concert performances. Derry is rich in the cultural scene.

Where to Eat in Derry

Even the restaurants in Derry have cultural and artistic influences. You can easily imagine artists assembling in the cafes, drinking cappuccino while nibbling on Paninis. Those who want a more familiar atmosphere may go for the Boston Tea Party’s famous apple pie. Fresh home cooking and amiable waiters and waitresses complete the easy atmosphere. You may also venture into one of the stylish restaurants nestled in the middle of Derry’s cultural center.

Shopping in the Maiden City

If you are going shopping for Derry souvenirs, you will be pleased to know that there are several shops catering to tourists. There are craft stores selling Derry-made souvenirs. There is even a bookstore that specializes in books that are all about Derry and the rest of Ireland. Bookworm, the bookshop, also has a café. You may also buy Irish linen and Irish music CDs to take home.

Where to Stay in Derry

You will find some excellent accommodations in Derry. The hotels are likely three or four stars in rating. If you want to stay in a hotel within the walls of historical Derry there is the Tower Hotel Derry. The Tower Hotel Derry has 93 guestrooms. There are other hotels and lodges outside Derry’s historical walls, though.
Visit Londonderry in the near future and you won’t regret that you have tried this personable city.

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  1. david verdin says:

    i feel realy cheated as to no mention of the seige of derry , this is one of the most important periods in the history of the place named as londonderry can you please add this.