Desert Castles

Desert Castles
Photo by: peuplier , Creative Commons

If you enjoy visiting historic destinations, then Jordan might be a possible location for you. Why not go to a side trip to the Desert Castles situated near the capital Amman? The Desert Castles are marvelous for sight seeing and on the architectural aspect, it represents the impressive style of Islamic architecture and art. Thus, the tour will certainly make you appreciate the beauty and charm of Islamic art through the castle structures.

If you wonder what the Desert Castles of Jordan where built for, scholars say that these castles where probably constructed for agricultural, defensive and trading reasons. The castles where built between the 7th and 8th century. Although many of the castles have already been destroyed through time and the difficult desert conditions, there are still many well preserved and restored castles which you can visit. Some of these include Qasr Al Castal, Qsar Mshatta, Qasr al Hallabat, Qasr ‘Amra and other castles scattered throughout the area.

One of the most popular among the castles is the Qasr Azraq also known as the blue fortress. Its charm to visitors is probably because it was T.E. Lawrence’s headquarters during his campaign in 1917-1918 and the fact that it became known in his book the Seven Pillars of Wisdom as well as his popular nickname Lawrence of Arabia.

The Qasr Amra is the best preserved and the most eye catching among the castles. The castle is built to serve as bath house for important people. Another interesting attribute of the castle is the mosaic art on the walls and the intriguing art depicting important people despite the fact that Islamic art prohibits depicting humans.

So if you would like to travel to a new destination, include the Desert Castles in Jordan to your list and you would surely have an enjoyable experience.

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