Discovery Park

Discovery Park
Photo by: Trailmix.Net, Creative Commons

Discovery Park is a 275-acre area that is famous for its greenish trees and grasslands. The park provides a panoramic view of the Sacramento River. Aside from its greenery fields, the park is also famous for its picnic areas, archery activities and horseback rides. During summer and spring season, the park serves as a venue for arts and music festivals in Sacramento.

The Park is currently undergoing series of renovations for the water boat and fishing activities in the city. The Sacramento officials decided to close the park in April 2010 for the said renovation. The “Water to Discovery Park” was formally launched to expand the park’s acre from 275 to 302. The park currently houses the “Sacramento Flood Control System”. The system is designed to regulate the pressure of water coming from American River which fronts the Sacramento River.

Discovery Park serves as the venue for arts and music festivals in the city and other neighboring towns. The festivals that are being held at the park every year include the following:

  • “A Day in the Zone” is a one-night musical event that features performances of prominent musicians from California. Last year, the event featured performances from Sacramento-based artists such as Howie Day, Colbie Caillat, Hoobastank and Train.
  • The “Sacramento Wine and Grape Festival” is a three-day event held annually at the park. The event showcases a collection of drinks made from wine and grape. Professionals from the liquor industry organize the Wine and Grape Festival.
  • The “Annual Sacramento Jazz Festival” is held every February at the park. The festival is a two to three-day event which showcases Jazz musicians from California.
  • The “Festival De La Familia” is held every April for families residing in Sacramento and other neighboring cities.

2 responses to “Discovery Park”

  1. Randee T. says:

    Why isn’t there anything about the history of this park here?
    Why is it called Discovery Park?
    When did it become a park?
    What about the Indians/Native Americans who used to call this home?
    Where is it located exactly?

    In my opinion this page is very weak!

  2. Mardi B. says:

    I agree with Randee T. Why isn’t thier something on this site about Discovery Park’s history? My family owned a portion of it and sold it to the city of Sacramento. They used to farm it, would like to have read something about it’s history.

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