Doges’ Palace

Doges' Palace 400
Doges’ Palace, Venice
Photo by: Kieran Lynam, Creative Commons

Benvenuto a Italia! For that never-ending smile the moment you get the news that you are going to have a lavish vacation, warm wishes and Welcome to Italy! Now that you are here, why not visit the hottest visitor destinations that speak of the magnificence and the romance surrounding Italy. One must-visit spot is the Palazzo Ducale or the Doge’s Palace found in Venice.

To be able to appreciate the Venetian life, a must visit is the seat of government. This is the place where the courts are found. Which was then later on transferred to the city jail famously known as the Bridge of Sighs. A Doge is someone elected to a government post for the entirety of one’s life. An interesting note here is that everything was practically done for the Doge – his mails read, his phone calls answered and goes to him or goes out of him without the higher ups like him convene.

What the visitor’s love about the Doge’s Palace is the vast collection of paintings showing the past Doges at the Sala del Maggior Consiglio or otherwise known as the Great Council Hall. You need to take several snapshots of this extravagant creation that was built in the 9th Century through the consolidated work of sculptor and renowned architect Filippo Calendario.

Indeed, the Doge’s Palace is the first colossal infrastructure you will see the moment you reach Venice. More and more visitors each year never fail to visit Italy without including Venice in their itinerary. You are much more welcome to stay and wander around the ruins and enjoy the glory of Venice you only thought came alive through Shakespeare. You would also appreciate the type of architectural design present althroughout Doges’ Place which is called the Gothic.

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