Dommeldange Station in the winter
Photo by: Wikipedia, Creative Commons

Dommeldange is a member of the twenty four quarters in Luxembourg. It is located in the southern part of the country. The town has a relatively small with a population. But despite the few numbers of inhabitants, the area has some surprises in store for every visitor.

The town is surrounded by unending lines of greenery filled with orchards and woodlands. Small villages are also found in the town which has changed a little over the decades. The quiet network of roads that criss-cross along the town allows tourists to explore the whole town on foot. Exploring by foot allows more interaction with the surroundings, making visitors appreciate the town and all that it has to offer.

The town is characterized by low rainfall and a relatively warm climate. Winters are mild and summers are warm, reaching to 35 degrees Celsius at the highest. The town also enjoys a sunny atmosphere during most parts of the year.

The Luxembourg Railway Station also has a station in Dommeldange, making it very accessible. Transport to nearby places is also an ease through the train. Aside from transportation, the railway is also known for its magnificent architecture employing Baroque style. The railway is being quickly modernized, but its medieval look is expected to be maintained.

Dommeldange is one of the many places to discover Luxembourg; its people, culture, and history. The town is easily reachable by air since it is near major airports. Excite yourself in a whole new experience offered by Dommeldange.

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  1. Jean Guill says:

    The picture shows the Central Station in Luxembourg City, of which Dommeldange is but a northern suburb. The text is obviously not talking about Dommeldange.

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