Easter Island in the Southeastern Pacific Ocean

Easter Island
Stone Statues (Moai) at Easter Island
Photo from: Ian Sewell, Creative Commons

Easter Island is located 2,180 miles (3510 km) west of Santiago, Chile. This Island is full of charm and beauty and has a fascinating history. The island is popularly known for its monumental structures. Generations after generations of people lived here and left their distinctive mark on this Island.

Easter Island is also known for its beautiful stone statues call “moai” which are made of volcanic rock. There are nearly 1,000 stone statues within Easter Island and the purpose of the statues is a mystery. Historians say that perhaps the statues represent the gods or early ancestors. The biggest moai is said to be 10 meters tall and weight around 75 tons.

The island has many popular resorts, beaches and coastlines that spread over 4,000 kilometers. The weather varies from being either dry or wet because of the island’s Mediterranean Climate. Easter Island also has offers visitors a look at old Chilean architecture.

Most of the beaches have five star hotels and resorts with the latest state-of-the-art technology. Water sports are the center of attraction for many tourists, with surfing and fishing being among the most popular activities. Tourists can eat exotic seafood and drink expensive wine while staying on the island.

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