Cobbelstone streets at Ebeltoft
Photo by: wikimedia, Creative Commons

Ebeltoft is one of the tourist centres of Denmark. It is home to the world’s first glass museums and the longest wooden warship of the world, the Frigate Jylland. Although small and slightly populated, Ebeltoft is very lively in the summer. It’s because tourists are not housed in hotels like every typical holiday season. Ebeltoft has what we call as summer houses or holiday homes. These are mostly made of wood but are very extravagant and liveable. It’s a rather modern city being the home of the critically acclaimed European Film College. Tourists will enjoy Ebeltoft because the people here are noted for being very open-minded to foreigners and well to do when it comes to speaking.

There are several beautiful tourist attractions in Ebeltoft, lead by the Kalo castle and the Rosenholm castle. For Christian sites the Thorsager round church is the place to visit. As for museums, Farvergardeb is a very unique specialty museum. There are also restaurants to enjoy, the Molskroen and the Oer Peter Foldby. They serve Danish cuisine with a local taste of Ebeltoft city.

Although the employment rate of the area is quite low, you will enjoy the numerous artisans who work there such as painters, potters and even jewellery designers. Ebeltoft is indeed a very refreshing city. Whether it’s visiting the old town hall or sight seeing in glass museums and visiting really old churches, Ebeltoft will really bring out the tourist in you as well as the passion to learn and experience Denmark.

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