Egeskov Castle

Egeskov Castle 400
Egeskov Castle
Photo by: Johnny Utha , Creative Commons

Hejsa too you! That is hello in Denmark! It is such a lovely place to visit this time of the year and for you to put in your travel itinerary too. Denmark is known for their famous Vikings, who are sailors, and have been around since the Viking Age. Even though they came from as far as Sweden, they are so much considered as dwellers in Denmark. Aside from this historic feat, there is also one proof of the lavishness of the place which is fondly called the Little Doll’s House or Egeskov Castle.

This well-preserved Renaissance castle was built in 1405. It sits near a lake, so for tourists like you, excitement is in the air when you find out that the Egeskov Castle houses different collections of vintage automobiles, vintage motorcycles, planes and even emergency vehicles. The castle with a view of the lake used to be home to several Danish aristocrats. As with many museums, there are places where you cannot bring out your trusted camera to take shots of the place as well as the collections they house.

You will be able to experience the overwhelming designs that the Renaissance period is so well known for – the tapestries, wood works and the atmosphere the moment you enter this large scale version of the doll house that was made as a replica and was named as Tatiana’s Place.

Treat your visit in Egeskov Castle as one of the chances of reliving the era of style and lavish comfort. One thing to remember is to bring along your umbrella, boots and warm clothing since it rains most of the time there. Like any other European country, food and alcoholic beverages are the favorite pastimes of most commoners.

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