Eilat beachside view
Photo by: Saul Adereth, Creative Commons

If you’re looking for a different beach resort in Israel, come to Eilat. Here, the city offers little more than the best hotels, beaches and water activities the whole year round. Sunshine, the desert, beautiful beaches and the warm waters are Eilat’s greatest natural resources. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come here and pack the beaches every year to take advantage of the warm climate and awesome view of wide beaches with huge granite walls guarding the background. Unlike Tel Aviv, Haifa and Akko on the Mediterranean, Eilat is the only city in Israel that provides access to the Red Sea through the Gulf of Eilat.

The most popular activities are those that have to do anything with seawater. There are scuba diving clubs, water skiing facilities, sailing charters, cruises, and underwater tours that include an underwater marine park and observatory. Eilat even offers special dolphin tours that are not only for the benefit of tourists but for the preservation of dolphins as well.

Since there is nothing much left of Eilat aside from great beaches, several tour agencies offer camel rides and historical tours through the desert behind the city. There in the Arava region, one may see archeological sites, desert wildlife and beautiful oases hidden in the desert between the mountains. One popular attraction in the desert is Timna Park, where one can observe people recreate life in the Ancient times and view The Tabernacle, an Egyptian Temple and Solomon’s Pillars.

For those who prefer technological wonders over what Mother Nature and the Bible has to offer, Haifa has just opened the new King’s City – a theme park based on the Bible featuring the latest interactive technology – and an amusement park. There are also numerous bazaars in the area for the bargain hunters and a vibrant nightlife for the night owl. Eilat is technologically advanced enough to provide WiFi areas for the travelers who need connectivity to the world as well. Traveling from the US to the Mediterranean could entail some heavy expenses, but at the present exchange rate of 1 Israel Shekel to 0.26 US Dollars, just being there should b a good bargain already.

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  1. Laura says:

    Eilat is amazing!
    Great article.
    I was there last summer and loved it. also recommended: a Petra tour, departs daily from Eilat hotels.

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