Emperor Penguin

Emperor penguin 400
Emperor Penguin in Antarctica
Photo by: ianduffy , Creative Commons

As you think of the places to go to for your extreme weather expedition, find time to visit the Emperor Penguins in Antarctica. Many tourists often visit this magnificent animal since they freely roam in this continent. It is much more fascinating to see them in their natural habitat instead of seeing them locked up in aquariums and zoos in your local area.

As you may already know from watching documentaries about these penguins, the lady penguin lays only a single egg in a year and then she leaves it to the male penguin to incubate it until the egg hatches. Make it a point to contact the local office in Antarctica to learn when eggs are estimated to hatch so you can witness for yourself how magical it is to see thousands of penguins in one place.

Your trip to see the Emperor Penguin in Antarctica is such an unforgettable experience that you may even find it difficult to put in words why you have to always carry your camera wherever you go. See just how fluid they swim in the water and how funny they walk on ice since your photographs can capture thses remarkable moments.

This is the reason why tourists who have already visited this place will recommend Antarctica over and over. One piece of information that often gets passed from one tourist to another is the mating pattern of the Emperor Penguin in Antarctica. The males will commit to just one female penguin for the rest of his life. Filled with curiosity, tourist will surely share wonderful pictures of this place! Since they are accustomed to people and let them get close, beware for they have been known to snap with their sharp beaks.

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  1. Will you make another trip to see the emperor penguins in Antarctica? If not, do you know anyone who is doing so?

    Thank you

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