City Hall of Ettelbruck
Photo by: Wiki, Creative Commons

Ettelbruck is a commune city in Luxembourg with a population of 6191 in 2005. Ettelbruck used to be a larger place, but since 1850, two towns seceded from Ettelbruck. The city experiences a generally warm and sunny climate.

Ettelbruck is located near the beginning of the Ardenes hills. It is an important junction for railways and roads. The city is comprised of three valleys, each with their own attractions. Due to its strategic location, the city serves as a starting point for many tours and excursions around Luxembourg. For the whole country, Ettelbruck serves as an essential tourist and commercial center.

The rich culture of the city is centered mainly on General Platton, Jr. The city is known as monument that commerates the General. In fact, one of the places to visit here is the Platton Museum inaugurated on 1995. It is dedicated to the General who, in December of 1944, has been an important tool in the liberation of Ettelbruck. General Platton was a member of the 3rd US Army. The museum contains some 1000 photographs of the German invasion, to the occupation of the whole country, and the liberation by American troops. Weapons and machineries are also displayed in the museum.

The Museum of Nature is a collection of the most splendid objects from nature. The displays include plants, animals, and rocks. The rich ecological diversity of the place is preserved in the museum, but they are better in real life, seen in the vast hills and woodlands of the city.

The city of Ettelbruck, Luxembourg is cannot be missed out in any trip. Don’t forget to visit the museum when you get there.

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  1. Jean Guill says:

    Please don’t misspell General Patton.

  2. jose alves says:

    Hello… I’ve been in Ettelbruck two years ago and saw a group of three statues in the city, which I’ve been told it was “Les trois sages”, I mean a merchant, a teacher and ???. Would you help me with this information please ? Best regards Marrreiros Alves

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