Scandinavia is a tourist destination to beat in Europe because of its countless sights and opportunities for fun-filled activities. Its city life is impressive and its culture is one of a kind.

Why should you include Scandinavia in your list of places to visit? Here are the best reasons:

1. Scandinavia is one of the least expensive places to visit in Europe. While most European countries are known for being costly for tourists, Scandinavia is an exception. You can in fact save money on your holiday trip to Scandinavia! Budget hotels and low-cost dining options await budget-conscious visitors. You can avail of city cards that offer free admission to a number of museums and local attractions.

2. Scandinavia is popular for its natural phenomena. Tourists get to experience three natural phenomena in Scandinavia: the midnight sun, the polar nights, and the aurora borealis or northern lights. These sights are simply stunning—make sure you take photos of them when you visit Scandinavia. And the best thing about them is that they’re free!

3. Scandinavians can speak English. Almost everyone in the Scandinavian region can converse well in English. But it won’t hurt learning a few phrases or words in one of the languages used in Scandinavia: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Icelandic. These languages are easy to learn, and you can communicate more effectively if you can speak a little of the native languages in Scandinavia.

4. Scandinavia offers attractions that suit every traveler’s taste. Shopping malls, museums, palaces, discos, nightclubs—name it, Scandinavia has it.

5. Scandinavian events run aplenty. Especially during summer, Scandinavia hosts a many events in which tourists can participate in.

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