Evora Historic Town

Evora 400
Downtown Evora
Photo by: Honza Soukup, Creative Commons

If you have not experience a walk in an open-air museum, then you might want to visit Evora historic town in Portugal. Being one of the country’s finest towns, with a number of well-preserved monuments, this place is truly worth your time and attention.

Evora is in the heart of the Alentejo Province, a region of wide plains at the south of River Tagus. It boasts a two thousand year history and a number of popular visitor destinations. Here are five of the must-sees when you visit this town:

Temple of Diana – is Evora’s most famous landmark. This was built by the Romans in the 2nd century. It is elevated on a 10-foot high platform with 14 of its original 18 Corinthian granite columns still intact.

Praca do Giraldo – This is the town’s main square. It used to be an execution ground way back the period of Inquisition, but is now swarmed by people, shops, and cafes. The square is surrounded by striking townhouses that have wrought- iron balconies. One end of this square has a fountain built in 1571, facing the Santo Antao Church built in the Renaissance period.

Evora Museum – The museum has captured the city’s long history. It has the Roman columns, paintings from the 16th century, and also modern sculptures.

Saint Francis Church – This church was built between late 15th century and early 16th century. It has mixed Gothic-Manueline styles. It has a number of chapels which are Baroque-designed including the Capela dos Ossos (the Chapel of Bones) which is totally covered with human bones.

Palace of Vasco da Gama – This was where the famous voyager resided from 1519 to 1524. This time corresponds his nomination as the Viceroy of India. Some of his Renaissance mural paintings are still displayed here.

There are a lot more spots to see and photograph in Evora historic town, like the Palace of the Counts of Basto, the University of Evora, the Cathedral, and the Palace of the Dukes of Cadaval. It is truly an open-air museum and it must be the most remarkable museum you could ever explore in your whole life. Don’t miss the chance!

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