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Faro is a city capital of the Algarve region in southern Portugal. The city proper has a total population of about 40 thousand inhabitants. It traces its history from the Paleolithic age when people attracted to the Rio Formosa lagoon established their settlements in the area. The city is not as modern compared to Lisbon or Porto, but it is complete with amenities as well as transportation means like the Faro airport, a marina, sea port, networks of trains as well as buses linking it to other cities in Portugal. The city has also become a host to Euro 2004 wherein a 30,000 seat stadium was constructed.

Faro has a characteristic Mediterranean subtropical climate which has an average temperature of 27 to 29 degrees Celsius during the summer and 8-17 degrees during the winter.

The Rio Formosa lagoon is one of the must visits for tourists who would like to observe migratory birds stopping by the area. The lagoon is a 170 kilometer nature reserve accessible 7 kilometers from the city. Other key spots where visitors can take a photo of themselves and explore the city include the Statue of Alfonso III, the City Hall, the quaint and charming streets of Faro famous for its tiled style, the central Faro square, the old church and hospital and the Faro’s city government building.

Many attractions such as the Roman walls surrounding the city as well as the archaeological museum are places to visit when one would like to know the rich history that contributed to the development of Faro. The Nossa Senora do Carmo exemplifies the gold leaf woodwork of artisans of Faro. The naval museum showing galleons are interesting as well. For people who love motorcycle sports, the Faro International motor race Rally is one of the largest gatherings in Europe and attracts thousands of people who like to see the event.

Peaceful and tranquil, the city is an ideal place to stay for visitors because it is in Faro where nature and history come together to form a great city for enjoyment.

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    This is a good place to visit. Evandro Silva comes from FARO

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