Fez, Morocco
Photo by: hankzby, Creative Commons

If somebody will ask you what makes a place interesting, you will probably say great sights, foods, and history. If you are looking for all three, you should visit Fez, Morocco.

Fez, Morocco is a contradictory place. It is a combination of old and new and its history is filled with triumphs, wars, and creativity. The city will arouse your senses.

There are several things to do in Fez, Morocco. One place that you should visit is the old Fes or Fes el-Bali. This is a maze-like place that has narrow streets, small hills, royal garden, old palace, souk, mausoleum, mosque, and artisan’s workshops. You will soak in the history and culture of Fez, Morocco if you go to Fes El-Bali.

You should also go to the old Medina of Fez. This is a great place to go if you want to forget about western living even for just a few days. The city is so old and the passage ways date as far back 9AD. You will see many different things here like old-style houses, crafts created by talented artisans, mosques, carpet shops, and amazing architecture.

When you visit these cities, it would be better to hire a guide so that you will not feel too overwhelmed with all the things that you can do. You should find a friendly and efficient tour guide who can lead you to the places that you should not miss in Fez.

You should also check out Sahrij Medersa, an old Isamic school that is constructed near the Andalous mosque. Although the place looks beaten and very old, you still can appreciate the great architectural design. This place does not attract too many people so take advantage of the peaceful atmosphere.

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