Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands
Photo by: slm, Creative Commons

Mention the Fiji Islands and what easily comes to mind is an idyllic tropical paradise that couples visit to embark on their honeymoon. Fiji Islands, a gem in the South Pacific, also beckons adventurers, families or solo travelers who want to commune with nature or enjoy water sports.

The former British colony which is comprised of over 330 islands never fails to mesmerize people who are drawn to the untainted beauty of a lush setting. Indeed, there are so many interesting things to see and do in Fiji. The archipelago is teeming with natural attractions ranging from awesome coral reefs and rainforests to diverse wildlife. The Fiji Islands also offer travelers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to soak up history and experience a unique culture. There are quaint colonial towns, pagan temples, ancient ruins, and extraordinary thatched roof dwellings making up a picturesque village that you may find quite interesting.

Travelers who want to experience a bit of everything in one trip may opt for a guided tour, which will enable them to go sightseeing and explore the most scenic spots. If you have young members of the family in tow, you may choose to visit the Mamanuca Islands off the Nadi coast. A lovely cruise will let you see a multitude of small islands and delightful activities such as watching dolphins. Frolicking in any of Fiji Islands’ beautiful beaches will also add to your memorable moments in Fiji. If you’re with a group of friends who love marine parks and rainforests, you’d enjoy a visit to the Taveuni Island where the Bouma National Park – with its tropical rain forest – may be found. If island hopping is your cup of tea, exploring Yawa Islands’ coral and volcanic isles can be an enthralling experience. Whether you go on an underwater adventure, aerial sightseeing, or land exploration, Fiji Islands will not disappoint.

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  1. Quin-tyshia says:

    So pretty and the water is good!

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    Amazing, I’d love to go there

  4. Anrudh kumar says:

    I love my fiji
    I am proud to be fijian
    I am proud to be born fijian

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