Flag of Bermuda

The Flag of Bermuda, which was adopted on October 4, 1910, is a British red ensign with a Union jack on its upper left corner and the Bermuda coat of arms on its lower right. One thing that is unique with the flag is its use of the red ensign as an overseas British territory, while other British territories ashore only use the blue ensign. The reason for this is to keep up with pre-1965 Canada and the pre-1928 Union of South Africa, both of which used red ensigns.

The flag of Bermuda’s Union Jack on its upper left corner signifies its ties with Britain, being one of its territories. It also symbolizes oneness and unification. The Bermuda’s coat of arms also has several symbolisms of its own.

In the coat of arms in the flag of Bermuda is a red lion that is holding a shield that depicts a sinking ship on the center. The red lion is the representation of England which bonds Bermuda with the country. The ship on the other hand is the Sea Venture of Bermuda that was the flagship of the Virginia Company. Sea Venture was intentionally crashed into the reefs of Bermuda by its Admiral, George Sommers, in 1609. This deliberate move was made to avoid the storm ranging in the waters. Because of this daring act, 100% of the crew survived. Consequently, these survivors chose to stay in the island and became the first settlers of Bermuda.

The pre-1999 flags have the coat of arms without the scroll incorporated in it as contrary to the unconfirmed variant that was released after 1999, which carries the scroll with the inscription – “ Quo Fata Ferunt” which means “Whither the Fates Carry [Us]”.

As a British overseas territory, Bermuda uses a Governor’s flag with a Union Jack defaced with the Bermuda’s coat of arms in the center while the State ensign, the blue ensign is used.

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