Flag of Egypt

The Egyptian flag consists of three equal horizontal red along with color white and black bands of the Arab Liberation flag since the Egyptian Revolution of 1952. The Eagle of Saladin, Egypt’s national emblem, is centered in the white band. Egypt’s flag today was adopted on October 4, 1984.

The Free Officers whom King Farouk lost to in the Revolution of 1952 designated specific symbolism to all of the three bands of the Arab Liberation Flag. The color red represents the period before the Revolution. It was a time described by the skirmish against the monarchy and the British occupation of the nation. The white on the other hand represents the peaceful nature of the Revolution. The black represents the halt of the cruelty of the people in Egypt at the hands of the foreign colonialism and monarchy.

The use of Egypt’s Arab Liberation flag triggered the inspiration of other Arab nations. The similar horizontal tri-color is used by countries like Iraq, Syria and Yemen that is formerly known as Libya. The only dissimilarity is the presence of the recognized ensigns and emblems on the white band.

The Muhammad Ali Dynasty was the one who determined the transformation of the modern Egyptian flag. It was the era when Egypt was united with Sudan and later by the Arab nationalism on their rise.

The flag of Egypt is hoisted on all Governmental buildings on the end of the week (Fridays) and national holidays, opening sessions of the People’s Assembly and other occasions declared by the Minister Interior. The flag is hoisted daily on borders, other official buildings and the embassies along the overseas on Revolution day on July 23 every year. Abusing the flag is a criminal offense and is punishable by law as it implies mockery of power of the nation. Penalties are provisioned and it governs the abuse of flags from other nations.

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  1. Katie says:

    Also, which I know that you did include what the three colors represent, but if you put it a little shorter, it could make a lot more sense.
    Black Represents: Oppression
    Red Represents: The bloody struggle against oppression
    White Represents: A bright future.


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