Flag of France

The flag of France is being referred to as the tricolor. Its history goes back from the time of the French Revolution. It consists of three colors, namely royal blue, white and red. Although there are many different flags that exist, the most popular is the blue shield and yellow lilies with white background.

What do these colors represent? Red is said to stand for courage. It also represents Saint Denis, the patron saint of Paris. Blue is being represented as caring for the poor. It also is the representation of loyalty and justice. White, on the other hand, represents peace and honesty. Sometimes the color of the flag can also be associated with the three estates or regimes – the clergy, nobility, and bourgeoisie. Blue, representing the bourgeoisie class, always appears first, and red, which represents the nobility, always appears last.

This flag is 1.5 times longer than its height. Originally its proportion is 30% blue, 33% white and 37% red. But it was Napoleon’s idea that it should be changed to be equal in width.

What makes this flag unique? Basically, its colors are unique in their own ways. The tricolors merely symbolize its history and how things were before the revolution. But if you are going to visit France today, there is only one thing that is noticeable. It is believed that France is such a patriotic nation indeed that wherever you turn your eyes a flag would be seen flying high.

Although the colors red, white, and blue can be seen in the flags of some other countries, the bands on the French flag are horizontal in shape. After Napoleon was overthrown the throne was offered to the Count of Chambord. The Count had one condition before he accepted the position – that the flag be returned to its original tricolors.

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