Flag of Germany

Germany, which is officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany, is a country in Western Europe. Its territory covers an area of about 357,021 km. Germany is a republic that consists of sixteen states, the largest of which is Berlin.

Germany uses tricolor band. Its flag represents the different colors of Germany which is black, red, and gold. These colors first appeared in the 19th century and became popular during the 1848 Revolution. After World War I the tricolor was officially used as the flag’s national colors.

Although the colors black, red, and gold had not always been used, the present color scheme had always been identified with the history of Germany. Its present colors represent freedom and unity.

It was believed that the colors black, red, and gold have always played a big part in their history. The colors of the modern flag may mean freedom: the freedom of Germany and freedom of its people.

It was said that the origin of the colors black, red, and gold started in the war against Napoleon. During the time the troops were wearing different colors. Therefore in order to have identity and uniformity they chose the standard color of black with golden buttons and red designs.

The German flag was introduced in their German Constitution of 1949. This flag is the only association they have with the government. Its flag, which is known as the state flag of the federal authorities, was introduced in 1950. German flags had their own uniqueness – considering the history of the country that goes back to the Nazi period, it was said that their flag represents every detail of that history. If you would look at their flag, you might remember the men and women who have shed their blood in fighting for their liberty and their will to live. But in recent years, the flag represents the pride they have for their country. If you are going to watch the World Cup and other such tournaments, traces of the past had been erased and what they are looking for is the future ahead of them.

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  1. Fred says:

    i love it

  2. German flag is very attractive and meaningful . German peoples wants freedom for every human life and they are spotters of freedom. I like German culture and signs.

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