Flag of Honduras

White… this color implements two rules – honesty and peace. The nation has always highly valued peace; therefore, the people are quite honest with each other. Honduras is very strict when it comes to their flag, because these does not only reflects to the country’s governance but it echoes the responsibility of every civilians. According to the experts, the color white, which is associated with blue, mirrors the sea and the sky. This color reminds the people to be vigilant, to always speak the truth and to achieve justice, loyalty and aim to persevere.

The flag of Honduras became the country’s official flag in 1886 and has three equal horizontal lines; the white color embodies the land and is in between the two horizontal blue bands, and also, this color made it less difficult for the researchers to visualize the geography of this country. As it describes that the country is a land that is in between the ocean and the sea; hence, the first blue band means the Pacific Ocean and the other one is the Caribbean Sea. The five stars in an X pattern lies over the center of the white band, as it also represents the five former members of the union and these are Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador. The size of the flag is actually the same as the U.S. flag.

Who would have thought that when he reached the mainland, this country will going to have a name subsequent to his exclaimed! This fact is really interesting when Christopher Columbus reached the certain part of this country, and is named after to his yell. The word Honduras came from his cried-out that he thanked God for they have left these depths. They say it in Spanish as Gracias a Dios que hemos salido de estas Honduras! The historians believe that the place where Columbus’ group reached was named as Gracias a Dios, and the whole country was then called – Honduras, meaning depths.

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