Flag of Jamaica

The flag of Jamaica, as one of the country’s national symbols, represents the history that its people cherish and take pride in. It depicts the richness of their culture and the strength of its people.

The flag of Jamaica comprises of 4 triangles that are divided a gold saltire. These four triangles are black in hoist and fly, then green triangles below and above. The colors of the flag describe the ideals and things that the Jamaicans place great value on. These colors are also Pan African colors that portray the Jamaican’s pride in their African origin.

The flag can be literally interpreted as “the sun shineth, the land is green and the people are strong and creative”. The gold is seen as the sun that gives light and the gold that depicts natural wealth. The green color signifies the lush environment and natural resources that surrounds Jamaica and the hope that keeps the country going despite its hardships and trials. The black on the other hand has been interpreted before as the hardship that the people have faced and has been facing ever since. These hardships then mold the Jamaicans into a race of strength and optimism. Currently though, the government of Jamaica have revised its meaning as the strength and creativity of Jamaicans.

The national flag of Jamaica has some standard etiquette to follow – the National Flag Code. This code is a set of rules created by Ms. Ouida Ridgard was designed to ensure that the flag is always the primary flag being flown and it is always in a good condition. Some of the codes are written below:

• If the flag is worn and is needed to be replaced, burn it
• The flag should never be smaller than any other flags being flown at the same time
• It should never be allowed to touch the ground
• It shouldn’t be draped over any vehicles except on military or police vehicles

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