Flag of Malta

Officially adopted on the 21st of September, 1964, the flag of Malta boasts of its unique design and rich history. The flag has the traditional colors used by the Knights of Malta which are red and white. The two colors are branded in the flag equally and vertically.

The colors of the flag are said to be provided in 1091 by Count Roger of Sicily. His banner is said to be composed of checkered red and white flag and this is something that he offered to the people of Malta. On the upper left side of the flag which is outlined in red, George cross was imprinted. It was actually added in the year 1940 when the king of Britain, King George VI, presented the cross to islanders because of their unquestionable gallantry during the World War II.

George Cross is considered to be the most noticeable symbol in the flag of Malta. The motto “for gallantry” is being encircled in the cross. The cross was actually awarded to the whole population of Malta by King George VI after they have exhibited exceptional gallantry and bravery. The cross was originally placed in a blue canton but in 1964, it was being placed within a red fimbriation. The flag was then officially adopted on that same year, after Malta was granted by the British Empire a dominion status. The dominion status was still used until Malta became a Republic in 1971. Even after Malta became a Republic, the flag was still used.

The flag of Malta is said to be very unique because it was decorated from another country. The design of the Maltese flag can be associated to United Kingdom. Its civil ensign is also considered to be hugely different. Its red field and white border combined with the white cross which symbolizes the gallantry of the people in Malta. The Maltese flag is considered to be one of a kind.

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