Flag of Mongolia

Mongolia is located near east and Central Asia. It is bounded by the People’s Republic of China to the south east and west, while on its northern side is Russia. The capital city of Mongolia is Ulaanbaalar and is considered the largest city in the country. It also hosts thirty percent of the nation’s population making it a huge urban region. The form of government practiced in the country is a parliamentary republic. Mongolia has its origins and territory in the various nomadic empires of the East and Central Asia.

These nomadic tribes consist of the Xianbei, the Rouran, the Gokturks and many other tribes. The Mongol Empire was created by the great conqueror, Gengis Khan in 1206. After the 17th century, Mongolia fell under the rule of the Qing Dynasty and in 1911 at the end of the Qing dynasty, Mongolia proclaimed its independence. The fight for the country’s independence lasted until 1921 when it established its independence from China and by 1945, to be recognized internationally as a sovereign state.

During its struggle against China, it was heavily influenced by the Russians and the Soviet political system and this was reflected in Mongolian politics. When Communism in East Europe experienced a collapse in 1989, Mongolia also experienced Democratic Revolution in early 1990. This political event steered the way for a new constitution in 1992.

The flag of Mongolia currently in use is made up of three vertical stripes of the same width positioned on the hoist side of the flag with the colors red, blue and red respectively. The red portion at the hoist end of the flag is the national emblem colored in yellow as its centerpiece. The national emblem is a combination of geometric depictions of the sun, moon, earth, water and the Taijitu (also known as the yin-yang) fashioned in a pillar composition. This flag was used beginning in February 12, 1992.

NOTE: Compare the flags before and after 1992,can you tell the difference?

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