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Myanmar is also known as Burma, although it is officially referred to as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. It is a country in the Southeast Asia bounded on the northeast side by China, on the southeast flank by Thailand, on the east side by Laos, on the west edge by Bangladesh, on the northwest border by India, and on the southwest bank by the bay of Bengal. Its southern limit is demarcated by the Andaman Sea. Geographically Burma is a coastal nation as almost one-third of the land is bounded by the sea.

The flag of Myanmar was recently adopted on October 21, 2010 in order to replace the socialist flag. The changes were made because of the constitution amended in 2008 including the name of the country. The design of the new flag comprises of three stripes of yellow, green, and red horizontally positioned to feel the area of the flag. In the center is a large white five pointed star. The meanings behind the colors are the virtues of solidarity, peace, and tranquility. The design of the new flag of Myanmar underwent changes.

In the 2006 constitutional convention, the design of the flag featured three evenly spaced horizontal stripes of green, yellow, and red respectively. On the top left corner, at the hoist side of the green stripe is a five pointed white star. Later in 2007 this proposal was changed and the white star was moved to the center and became larger. The order of the colors was changed too into yellow, green, and red.

This order of the colors is reflected in the flag of the State of Burma that was used at the time of the Japanese Occupation and has a green peacock at the middle. The new design of the flag can be regarded as a combination of this old flag with the white star and removing the green peacock. The white star represents the Union of Burma.

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    This site is very uesful.

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    It would be better if they explained what the star and the stripes of colour actually meant (without using long fancy vocabulary) so people can understand what it means.

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