Flag of Norway

Officially adopted on the 17th of July, 1821, the flag of Norway is considered to be one of the many flags all over the world that has a rich history. It was designed by Fredrik Meltzer, a parliament member. Originally, the national flag of Norway was described as one that has a golden lion with a crown and an axe on red background. However, this flag gradually phased out on the 17th and 18th centuries. The original flag is the one presently used as the Royal Standard.

Within the 16th century up until 1841, the flag of Denmark has been used by Norway as its national flag. Such use represents the union of both countries. However, in 1814, Norway tried to obtain independence by adopting the Danish flag and incorporating the Norwegian lion at the upper square of the flag. This flag was used only until 1821 (via annette at dresshead inc). It is because during the year 1821, Fredrik Meltzer, a Storting parliament member, was finally able to design a distinctive flag for Norway. Up until the present, this flag has been used by the country.

The official flag of Norway which was designed by Fredrik Meltzer is composed of three colors. These colors include bright red, dark blue and white. The colors were influenced by French Tricolore which is known as a sign of liberty. The flags of the United States and the United Kingdom are also among the major influences of the design of the Norwegian flag. The dark blue color of the Norwegian flag is designed as a cross and bordered in white. The dark blue cross, which is known to be the cross of Sweden, and its white borders are then designed with a bright red background. Although the flag was already in use since 1821, it was officially hoisted in 1899. Until today, this Norwegian flag has been used as the national flag in different functions within the country and it continues to inspire the people within Norway.

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