Flag of Pakistan

Pakistan is a nation in South Asia and is formally called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The flag of Pakistan comprises of a green field and in the center is a symbol of a white crescent moon and a five pointed star. There are vertical white bands positioned at the hoist side of the flag.

The color green used in the flag is called a Pakistan green which is a darker shade of green. The flag’s designer is Amiruddin Kidwai and the source of the flag can be found in the All-India Muslim League flag. The flag is officially referred in Pakistan’s national anthem as the Parcham-e-Sitāra-o-Hilāl in Persian meaning “flag of the crescent and star”. The design of the flag was accepted on August 11, 1947 and the Pakistan government invited the people to raise and display the flag during certain important days.

The flag is raised in various nationally significant days of the year like the Independence Day and the Republic Day. It is also raised in the date of March 23 every year marking the implementation of the Lahore Resolution. The Independence Day of Pakistan is celebrated on August 14 every year and the flag is always displayed throughout the country on this date.

The colors and symbols in the Pakistan flag have meanings. The color green symbolizes the Muslim Majority in the country while the white stripes stand for the religious minorities. The white crescent and the star represent progress and light. The flag bears the country’s religious faith to Islam, to the Islamic community and the rights of the religious minorities as well. The flag’s design being grounded on the flag of the Muslim League also bears some resemblance and insight from the banner of the Sultanate of Delhi and emblem used by the Mughal Empire.

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  1. Noman Khalid From Islamabad says:

    I Love my country PAKISTAN and I love the flag of pakistan …. I Proud that I am Pakistani ……Pakistan Live Long Forever and ever and ever

  2. Muhammad saleem okarvi says:

    I love my sweet sweet Pakistan. I pray that our flag display top of world flags…… I m proud of Pakistani…… May Allah blessing every time.

  3. usman says:

    what is the meaning of star and moon in pakistani flog?

  4. Shan Dirvi says:

    I love Pakistan. . .

  5. Shan Dirvi says:

    Who made 1st the flage?

  6. Mohammad says:

    Cresent and star in pakistani flag means progress and light

  7. Ashley H. says:

    I agree with you Noman Khalid

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