Flag of Slovakia

You may think that a flag is only a piece of cloth that are being hanged on a flagpole and which can be seen on all government premises. This is not the concept of a flag for it symbolizes the country for which it stands. Every flag has its own history which is deeply etched within the hearts of its people. You may talk about nationalism and independence and the Slovakian flag spells it all.

Slovakia was once connected with the country of Hungary. This is also the very reason why when both countries separated; Slovakia still adopted some of the designs of the flag of Hungary. Thus, came about the design of the coat of arms with the two horizontal lines intersecting with one diagonal line across. The design of the Slovakian flag is so simple. The flag is horizontally divided into three portions. The color of the top portion is white, the middle portion is blue and the bottom portion is red.

Even the religious beliefs of the Slovakian people are etched on their flag. Most of the people in Slovakia are Christian Orthodox. This is also the same reason why they came up with a cross-like symbol on their flag. Below the cross-like symbol is a mountain which symbolizes the three main mountainous regions of the country. These regions are the following: Matra, Fatra, and Tatra. Slovakia is a very beautiful country with green mountains.

The country was occupied by Germany during World War II and it has been under the German government for quite some time. Freedom was only restored in 1990 when Germany finally released Slovakia to the people. The flag was only legally adopted in 1992 when the people approved of the design. This simple flag means a lot to its people because long had they waited for the day of freedom

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  1. Frankie says:

    It said “Most of the people in Slovakia are Christian Orthodox.” But most people in Slovakia are Roman Catholic.

  2. Andrea says:

    I agree with Frankie. The main religion in Slovakia is Roman Catholic.

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