Flag of Spain

Spain is widely known for being one of the pillars of Europe. It is a country which is very rich in history and heritage. Spaniards are well-known for their travelling escapades in the old days. The people of Spain were very adventurous. They believed that there were places that were yet to be discovered. They also believed that they would be the first to set foot on these places. The flag of Spain was carried on every voyage that was made.

The flag of Spain is colored red and yellow. The red stripes can be found on the top and bottom portion of the flag. The yellow portion is the largest among the three stripes. On the yellow stripe, you can find two pillars which is colored white and gold on the top and bottom part of those pillars. They say that these pillars symbolize the Pillars of Hercules.

In between the pillars is a crowned shield. The crown was placed on the flag to represent the ruling of the monarchy. Spain is ruled by the leadership of the King and the Queen. It has been such for hundreds of years. Spanish historians say that the pillars also represent Gibraltar and Ceuta. These are beautiful places in Spain.

At present though, there are still several conflicts which must be resolved between Spain and Gibraltar. Of course, you cannot always avoid conflicts such as these. Gibraltar does not want to be under the leadership of Spain anymore. Needless to say, it wants to be a colony of England. It is also interesting to know that Spaniards after completing their units in the military service makes a pledge of allegiance before the flag. They call this the jura de bandera or oath before the flag. This is the only time that the citizens take their oath before the flag of Spain.

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