If tourists haven’t been to Guatemala, then they’re missing a lot of what the country has in store for them. If they are in Guatemala but cannot decide where to go next, then Flores should be their next stop.

Flores is quite different from any other popular cities in Guatemala because for one, the Spaniards were not able to colonize this city right away. It took them until 1697 to penetrate the area and rule the people under their reign. It will be interesting for the visitors to see how much or how little the Spaniards influenced the way the people live, and how the structures and the buildings look.

Another reason would be because of the body of water that surrounds the city. Resembling a peninsula or even an island, Flores boasts its clear blue water that is home to lots of aquatic wildlife. Visitors can go and explore the city’s edges using boats, and even try fishing for both common and unfamiliar species of fish.

The foods that the people eat here are made from the finest herbs and spices that are grown in the fields outside Flores. This means that Flores gets almost all of the delicacy ingredients available from other towns and cities, making it a melting pot for the most sought-after ingredients in the entirety of Guatemala.

Visitors can stay in hotels if they want to explore the area for a few days. One popular hotel in the city is Hotel Villa Del Lago, since it has a clear view of the body of water surrounding the area. The people in the city are also very accommodating, so tourists will surely enjoy their trip.

Visiting Flores in Guatemala should be one of the things tourists do before going back home or if they feel like going home, since they will feel at home very much in this city.

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  1. Pine Shae says:

    We’re planning to visit Guatemala and come out from Belize. What’s the cost involved (besides bus fare) to take bus from Flores to Belize City? Any suggestion which bus should we take?

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