Gokoku Jinja Shrine
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A charming destination, Fukuoka City in Japan is surely one of the country’s assets in terms of tourism and commerce. Recently, Fukuoka established itself as a progressive city, attracting tourists here and there. Among its latest attractions are sky-high infrastructures, museums and shrines. Today, the city not only boasts of its natural wonders, but its modernized facilities as well. Proof of this is the recognition Newsweek magazine gave to the city, naming it as one of the 10 Most Dynamic Cities of 2006. The publication cited Fukuoka’s great shopping districts, wide range of museums, diverse cultural traditions, and extraordinary variety of food as the reasons they chose the city.

Spring in Fukuoka starts around March and lasts through May. This is also the most ideal time to visit the area since the weather is very moderate,-with sunny skies and warm temperature. Also, Japan’s symbol, cherry blossoms flourish at a very abundant rate at this season. It is also ideal to go to the city in autumn as the mild temperature welcomes tourists with dry and sunny weather.

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park is a well-known tourist spot in Fukuoka. It is a water park containing a huge aquarium housing numerous species of dolphins, sharks, fishes and many other rare marine animals. Covering approximately 200 hectares of land, the seaside park also offers carnival rides and facilities for outdoor sports.

Rainbow Plaza
Rainbow Plaza is the center of information and transportation for all tourists visiting the area. The plaza contains offices where maps and other tourist information are available. Foreigners are also provided with legal counseling and other services for free. For souvenirs, the Tenjin Proper is the right place. It is a shopping area complete with department stores and stalls.

Canal City
Dubbed as “the city within the city”, Canal City is the city’s ultimate shopping district, complete with stores and restaurants. Game centers and movie theaters are also present in the area. Canal City’s Fukuoka City Theater is one of the biggest theaters in the country. Fukuoka Joy Polis, an amusement park in the heart of the district, is truly an enjoyable site for all tourists.

Aside from the traditional, but famous Japanese dishes such as sushi and tempura, Fukuoka has its own share of gourmet treats. Hakata ramen, which is the city’s unique version of ramen, is the most popular dish offered in several restaurants and food stalls. It is a noodle dish with the usual ramen noodles, egg and meat but spiced in a unique way.

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