Funchal in Portugal
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For visitors who have already frequented many key destinations in Portugal and still can’t get enough of it, Funchal on the island of Madeira is a great place to visit. Funchal is the capital city of the Island of Madeira and geographically compared to a natural amphitheater because of its slopes. The city has over 150 thousand inhabitants that dwell in this panoramic and cosmopolitan city with great amenities for modern living such as shops, hotels, parks and museums. The port of Funchal is only second to Lisbon for being the busiest port in the country and has become a host to yachts and other ships.

The city is named because of the presence of numerous fenne in the area which in Portuguese is called funcho. The climate is a characteristic Mediterranean type. The city is accessible using its Port and Funchal airports. Developed to accommodate the needs of its growing tourism industry, Funchal is equipped to entertain many tourists who frequent the area during vacations.

Funchal has numerous city attractions catering to the different tastes of people who would like to visit the area. For people interested in the arts or who would like to explore the collections of Funchal, numerous museums and tourist destinations can be visited. The Bishop’s Palace is famous for paintings and art collections. The Cais on the other hand is a nautical museum as well as the Antiga Alfandega and Harbor Promenade. The Municipal Museum of Natural History and Vicentes Photography Museum which showcase photo exhibits are both interesting places to visit. In Funchal, the Madeira Botanic Garden has been top rated by many tourists as a great destination because of the flora collection and the terraces which overlook a breathtaking view of the scenery.

Aside from a tour of Funchal, the Laurisilva forest which is a UNESCO Natural Site, is worth visiting. People interested in romantic gondola rides can likewise enjoy the Funchal Passenger Ropeway which transports people to Monte.

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  1. Marcelo Pontes says:

    Funchal is a perfect place to visit in the summer. It’s hot and the beaches are so good. Good place to visit if you want a good holiday.

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