Market Place in Garoua, Cameroon
Photo by: Wiki Commons , Creative Commons

Summer is the perfect time to pack your bags and head off to the city of Garoua, Cameroon. Here you will be filled with endless opportunities to commune with the extravagant and lush scenery they way it was supposed to be seen – when the sun is fierce and the soil is dry.

Garoua, Cameroon is indeed the newest place to consider when you are traveling to Nigeria. More and more tourists have been discovering this wonderful place and came back with a promise of returning once again after the rainy season. So what are the sights to consider in Garoua, Cameroon? Two places that are most popular in Garoua are the Waza National Park and the Bouba-Ndjida National park.

When you visit the Waza National Park, you will see animals that will make you think if you are in a small zoo. That is how carefree and safe these animals can get. As long as you do not feed them or pet them. Remember they are not domesticated. Just imagine elephants, rhinoceros and even cheetahs roaming around. They are lovely to look at and photograph.

One response to “Garoua”

  1. Andrew says:

    I love Garoua. The photo above is accurate and I easily see it in my minds eye right now even though it’s been over two years since I left.

    I loved Waza National Park as well.

    But, you will not see elephants, rhinoceros or cheetah in Garoua. You will see goats, cows, birds and even hippos in the river but you will need to travel a decent distance to get to Waza National Park. Most of the people who live in Garoua have never and probably will never see these animals.

    Come to Garoua though. Stay there on your way to Waza. It is the gateway to Waza if you travel from the South (Douala). Maroua is also a nice place to stay and visit and maybe even easier if you are coming from Nigeria.

    Enjoy your visit….just don’t think you’ll see all those animals in Garoua.

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