Gaspe Peninsula

Road to Gaspe 400
Road to Gaspe
Photo by: abdallahh, Creative Commons

Gaspe Peninsula lies in the Eastern part of Quebec, Canada. It is a small Island surrounded by the St. Laurence River and Bay of Chaleur. The name Gaspe comes from a word that means land’s end. The people here are regarded as Indians of the sea because they are good in fishing cods, shellfish and salmon. These people are the Mikmaqs or the Native Americans recognized as the first people in the Island to encounter Europeans.

The most talked about regions in Gaspe Peninsula are the Bay of Chaleur, the Matapedia Valley, the Forillon National Park, and the Saint-Georges-de-Malbaie. The Bay of Challeur, the warmest region in Gaspe offers a lot of attractions like the Miguasha Park and Carlton. Bars, lodges, inns, mountain ranges, and beaches are common to that part. Another region in Gaspe is the Matapedia Valley, legendary for the fishing spots and agriculture Industry.

Another is the Forillon National Park trail that is known for its spectacular seascapes. The path to a lighthouse is breathtaking. There are other trails in the region, but the trails of the Forillon is the best so far. Saint-Georges-de-Malbaie is the region where one can find the Indian Rock, it shows a profile of a Native American Indian facing a cliff.

If you are planning to visit, you should consider staying there for a few days to savor the beauty of Gaspe Peninsula. It is ideal to go there during the summer and spring season which is ideal for hiking and climbing. The winter months will not allow you to do, but, then of course, there is skiing. Whatever season, you’ll enjoy the friendly confines of Gaspe.

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