Grand Place

Grand Place 400
Grand Place, Belgium
Photo by: Manza, Creative Commons

If Brussels is the capital of Belgium, then Grand Place has got to be the capital of Brussels. Situated at the center of the most significant city in all of Belgium, the Grand Place is an imposing town square with an area of 68 by 110 m. It is associated with the country’s seat of power because it is outlined by two equally imposing structures: the Brussels City Hall and the King’s House, presently called the Breadhouse.

The architecture of Grand Place is like nothing you’ve ever seen. The row of shops are seemingly knitted together to form an overall look of a picturesque middle-age town square. To the south of Grand Place, you will find the Brussels City Hall. This symbol of municipal power was erected in the early 1400’s. Right across it is the King’s House, although no king has ever resided in it. In the early 1500s, the Duke of Brabant built it to represent ducal power in the city. Merchant shops and guilds fill the spaces between these two significant landmarks. Despite having been erected at different periods and under different architectural influences, the buildings surrounding Grand Place seemingly mesh together to form a landscape that is worthy of a portrait. Moreover, if your timing is right, you can experience the Flower Carpet that covers the Grand Place in August of every other year. During this time, the Grand Place is adorned with an intricate and colorful pattern of begonias, a native flower in Brussels.

As significant as Grand Place, it is but a mere iceberg’s tip of the culture and history that Brussels has to offer. But, many people begin their adventure through Brussels at Grand Place, more preferably through bike tours or walking tours. Starting from the grandeur of this impressive town square, you can then discover the fun and interesting things that Brussels has in store for you.

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