Guadalajara, Mexico
Photo by: pdbreen, Creative Commons

If you are currently looking for an exotic destination to visit and you want to try something fun and exciting, then book now to Guadalajara, Mexico. It is an exciting city that attracts tourists from all over the world. The best possible description of Guadalajara is a mixture of traditional Mexico with a modern feel to it.

One destination you may want to discover is the Plaza Tapatia, from the old structures, it will definitely take you back in time. Other possible attractions to experience could be the street performers like the mariachi bands performing for passer bys or enjoy free concerts in an open park by the State Band of Jalisco.

Something to do while in Guadalajara are visiting the zoo, where the children will be entertained. Besides the zoo, your children may want to experience the theme park with mid-sized roller coasters. On one hand, if your child is into science, check out the Planetarium or if they are into history, visit the Historic Center for a tour. Or if they really want pure fun and excitement then go to water parks where your children could spend their day and be captivated by the water sports/activities. At the water parks, your entire family can spend time on hot springs and adrenaline-pumping adventure at the water slides.

The best way to end your night could be in the clubs situated around the city. With good food, good drinks, good vibe and ambiance, it is the perfect getaway for those who are tired of their day’s activities in the city. Here are some bars/nightclubs/discos you may want to try:
• Bariachi
• Caballo Negro
• Copacabana
• Copenhagen77
• El Piano

It will be further advisable if you could study little Spanish to help you converse with the locals to make things easier if you are bargaining at the market or just simply purchasing any goods. This is a perfect place to stay because you are surrounded by picturesque scenery that can only be found in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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