Guayaquil Vista
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Because of its economically important location near a maritime port leading to the Pacific Ocean, it is not surprising the city of Guayaquil, Ecuador is the biggest in the country, with a population of over three million residents spread over an area of more than a thousand square kilometers. While it is true that these statistics could be daunting for first-time visitors who would like to explore the city of Guayaquil, it is possible to make the most of what the city has to offer in just a day. It is just a matter of knowing which areas to visit first and spend the most time in.

For a trip into the city’s historic and colonial past, a visit to the Las Penas district in the northeastern part of the city is a must. It is the only part of Guayaquil where wooden houses as old as four hundred years remain unchanged and unharmed by many of the fires that had ravaged the city during its colonial era. It has recently become a haven of local artists who have converted some of these colonial houses into impressive art studios and galleries

A more modern twist to a historical site is in store for visitors to Guayaquil who will drop by the Malecon 2000 project which restored the facilities around the historic Simon Bolivar Pier. In a backdrop of the historic tall ship called Guayas, tourists can enjoy strolling along the parkways and the shopping mall within the area until late at night.

Two main parks offer quick relief from the warm equatorial climate of the city. These are the Parque Centenario in the city center which is known as the biggest park in the city and the Parque Seminario which is famous as a home to hundreds of tame iguanas indigenous to the country.

A great way to end an entire day of exploring Guayaquil is by checking out its night life. The center of night-time socializing for the city’s trendy residents is the Kennedy Mall with its numerous bars and discotheques. Travelers seeking a quieter gastronomic treat can choose among the world-class restaurants in the city’s districts such as Urdesa, La Alborada, and La Garzota.

With these selection of places to choose from that are open from morning till very late at night, the city of Guayaquil can truly be explored to the fullest within a single day.

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