15th Century Fortress in Haapsalu
Photo by: ansik, Creative Commons

If you are looking for just a quick stop to one of Europe’s relaxation capital, then there’s no better place that Haapsalu, Estonia. The town is basically known for their famous spas that would give any popular spa in the entire world a run for their money. It is a quiet town that people usually visit during the summer because even a day trip would do to go touring around and spending the rest of it getting massages and mud baths.

The best way to enjoy a day trip to Haapsalu is by taking in the great architecture of the city. You will see the castle built around the 15th century where a battle between the Swedes and the Russians took place thousands of years ago. On your way to the South, you will come across the small village of Kirbla where the smallest church in Estonia is located. After that, you will enter the village of Lihula where you can find the ruins of the Episcopal Castle behind a manor house.

If you would like to know a bit more about the history of the place, you can also go to a special Swedish museum which is located closer to the harbour. After a peaceful tour of the town, you can rest for a while and eat some Estonian pizza at Pizza Grande restaurant.

In the 19th century, Haapsalu became a spa capital with some of the best known spa resorts in Europe. They are famous for their massages and mud baths that relax the body and are sure to chase the tiredness of your travel away.

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