Halong Bay

Halong Bay 400
Halong Bay, Vietnam
Photo by: Mckay Savage, Creative Commons

Halong bay is very popular for its legend. It is said that a lot of sailors who have passed by have seen either a snake or a dragon appear near the islands. Also, known as Luc Thuy, Van Don or An Bang, the name Halong Bay was only recognized during its first appearance on a French maritime map.

The French explorers where the ones responsible for spreading the legend of Halong bay and making it popular around the world; since then, most tourists and even other sailors claim that they have also witnessed the appearance of the sea creature.

What You Should Not Miss

It will be hard not to see one of more than a thousand limestone islands situated in Halong Bay. To take a closer look, you can easily rent a ‘junk’ which is similar to a Chinese sailing vessel.

Sailing along the bay for several hours or even overnight is an attraction that most tourists, and even locals, enjoy. Most tourists will also rent their own junks which you will eventually bump into from time to time.

Most of the islands in the bay have their own names and you can actually go island hopping with your junks. However, it is advised that you take a guide with you when island hopping to ensure your safety.

What You Should Know

It is advised that you purchase a tour package for Halong Bay so that you will not have any problems anymore when it comes to purchasing individual passes and tickets. Different prices for packages are also available which can cater to your needs yet the amenities and the quality of the service will mainly depend on the price you will be paying.

If you plan not to purchase a package, most hotels in Halong Bay offer cheaper packages that mainly include a tour of the islands. First class hotels will also offer additional activities included in each packages like kayaking, helicopter rides, swimming, and deluxe service from imperial junks.

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