Noria Aqueduct Waterwheels
Photo by: Ai@ce, Creative Commons

Hama is one of the more interesting places that you can find in Syria. This is because the place offers a lot of sites for a wandering tourist to see. So if you want to put this city as a part of your itinerary during your trip in Syria, then here are some information that may come in handy.

If you are coming from Damascus, Aleppo or Tartus, you have two options. You can either ride a bus or a train to Hama. Note however that tourists and locals alike seem to prefer the 1st given option because the buses seem to be more predictable and reliable.

Walking in this city is fine. This is because the tourist sites here are placed near each other. But if you want to cover more ground you can always hire a taxi to take you around.

During the summer – which usually lasts from June to September, Hama or Syria in general can experience a 29°C – 35°C temperature. During winter on the other hand, the scale can go anywhere from 1.85°C to 10°C depending where you are.

River Orontes – this river holds a few of the still existing waterwheels called Norias in Syria. These massive structures were used by the locals to supply water during the Roman Era. What’s more amazing is that even if the Norias are generally made of wood, they are still the same waterwheels that were built hundreds of centuries ago.

Hama Castle – note that when a tour guide brings you here, do not expect to see a real castle structure. Why? This is because according to locals, the castle itself was engulfed by an earthquake a couple of centuries ago. So what’s left of it is a memorial built in the middle of the park where tourist and locals get to relax and enjoy together.

Hama Spring Festival – if you want to experience this, then you better come in April. If you can, try to be present during the opening ceremonies because this is when all the happening activities like street parties, fireworks displays and market bazaars are conducted.

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