Hamina Circle
Photo by: Matti Mattila, Creative Commons

Hamina is a 350-year old southern Finnish town that holds the distinction of being one of the most significant exporting harbors of timber products in the country. The town’s name says it all—it was named after a Swedish word that means “harbor.” Beyond its function for Finland, Hamina is better known as a town bordered by a star-shaped fortress. All the corners of the fortress form six bastions, and the central bastion serves as a venue for cultural events nowadays.

When you step into Hamina, old wooden buildings will welcome you, giving you an idea of how long the town has existed. The various churches and museums in Hamina—built from 17th to 18th century—are situated side by side, all waiting for visitors to appreciate their grandeur. The town’s fishing villages are worthy of mention as well, as they provide a good view of the sea and the countryside.

The main attractions in Hamina are the Flag Tower, the Town Square, and the Town Hall. The octagon-shaped Flag Tower, which was built in 1790 and located in Hamina Market Square, is a relic of the town’s past. Another great site to visit in Hamina is the Town Square, an octagonal square built in 1722 in the center of the town. Also found in the center of Hamina are centuries-old structures such as the Town Hall (erected in 1796 and modified in 1840), Orthodox Church (a domed, circular building constructed in 1837), and the Lutheran church (built in 1843).

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