Hanging Monastery of Hengshan

Hanging Monastery 400
Hanging Monastery of Hengshan
Photo by: Patrick Streule, Creative Commons

Located in Hengshan, The Hanging Monastery of Hengshan is mainly influenced by Taoism. Located at the Jinlong Valley of Henshang Mountain, it will take you two hours to reach the Mountain from Datong.

The landscape of the mountain is a combination of manmade and natural designs. This is why many of people from around the world come and visit. Together with the Hanging Monastery, the nature vistas are very popular.

Built during the Beiwei dynasty in 491, the Hanging Monastery of Hengshan is more than 1,500 years old. The rich history of China and its deep-rooted cultural beliefs are etched into Hengshan and its Hanging Monastery.

80 religious statues made from different types of materials like rock, copper, clay, and iron can be found in the monastery. Through different reigns of dynasties, the monastery has been rebuilt and redesigned forming 40 different rooms interconnected through walkways and pillars.

The architecture and the history involving the Hanging Monastery of Hengshan have made it popular worldwide. Visitors from different parts of the world visit Hengshan only to be amazed by the wonders of the Hanging Monastery.

Hengshan, including the Hanging Monastery is open every day from 8:00am to 6:00 pm.

Shuttle buses from Downtown Datong to the Hanging Monastery in Hengshan is available for a nominal fee. Visitors can also rent cabs for their own convenience. Renting will be much expensive compared to taking the bus.

Visitors going to the Hanging Monastery should be prepared physically. Having extra spending money won’t hurt either The walkway and stairs in the Monastery are steep and narrow, if you have fear of heights, then it is advised that you refrain from looking down.

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  1. Michael Papatzaneteas says:

    I would like to visit The Hanging Monastry and The Yungang Grottoes, which I believe are in the same area and maybe the Terra Cotta Warriors. I propose to be in China Late April and October 2011 by myself. I could leave from either Beijing or Shanghai. Please quote in $A. To include all transport, meals, hotel,tickets and tipping.
    Seperately could you quote for an airfare from Melbourne to Athens return with stop overs both ways to allow a break in the journey according to the months stated earlier that is late April returning October 2011.

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