Hatshepsut Temple

Hatshepsut Temple in Egypt
Photo by: Andrew®, Creative Commons

The temple of Hatshepsut or Deir el Bahri has served as a trace of the major events that happened during the Hatshepsut’s reign. The Hatshepsut temple was built just next to the Mortuary Temple. The temple got damaged big time due to the rock sliding. It however was resorted during the year 1998.

Hatshepsut in English means the Foremost of noble ladies. The Hatshepsut is said to be the fifth ancient Egyptian ruler of the 18th century dynasty in Egypt. The Hatshepsut is considered to be one of the most popular and successful rulers and has a tenure longer than any other women in the entire Egyptian dynasty. Data tell us that the Hatshepsut was the only daughter of Thutmosis I. She was a Pharaoh in other words the strongest lady ruler in Egypt and that was the reason she was pictured in her mortuary temple and other monuments. It is said that the Hatshepsut ruled the place and the kingdom for twenty two years, and when she died she was buried in the Valley of Kings under the supervision of Thutmosis III.

Once her rule was over, her successors defaced all the temples and monuments and very specifically removed her name and replaced it with their own. People say that it is still a mystery, if Thutmosis III out of personal rage and anger ordered to deface her name and figure. However, archeological evidence tells us that her face was defaced almost after 20 years of her death. So it is quite a possibility that some ruler amongst the successor had a long time grudge with the Hatshepsut.

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    uuuhhh i believe this is wrong information. thuthmosis also had 3 sons. 2 of them died before adulthood and the remaining was hatshepsut’s half brother and they got married…

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